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Obell in a few words

OBELL is the first floating waste bin for yachtsmen rubbish. A real innovation, OBELL is protected by an international patent.

  • Easy installation of OBELL means that it can be installed in all different places at sea.
  • It takes only about 5-10 minutes for a person on a light boat to conduct the collection of the loaded waste bags.
  • Built of composite material, OBELL is very solid and almost no maintenance is required.
  • With its clean and large cork looking shape, the OBELL can be a great publicity and information board for campaigns on environmental responsibility and local laws. It can even be used as advertising or sponsoring space generating incomes for permanent or temporary commercials.
  • OBELL is recommended by many national and international organizations linked to the environment, sea or boating.

Obell presentation in PDF :

- Nicolas Hulot Foundation (French journalist with great influence on media, well-known for his unconditional commitment to the environment)
- FEEE – Blue Flag Europe - Higher council for boating
- CEDRE (Center for research, documentation and experimentation on pollutants)
- « Mer & Littoral » (Sea & Coastline) magazine
- Eco Maires (Ecological Mayors) association
- SOS Grand Bleu (Association for protection of dolphins and whales)
Some figures ...
- Diameter : 2,20m
- Shell height : 1,85m
- Height of water : 1,65m
- Overall height : 2,65m
- Containment : 1'250l
- Unladen seight : 200 kg
- Material of the shell : Composite
- Each bag full pese approcimately 30 kilos