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Sea trash !

5 yachtsmen generate 2 kilos of waste per day !
Without having to go ashore, you can dispose of the rubbish bags in the OBELL, a floating waste container.

OBELL offers an intelligent solution with its Champagne cork shaped floating waste bin. The OBELL is shaped like this famous cork for the following reasons :the wide base insures the floatability as well as the stability and the high and tapered neck enables an easy waste collection.

Located at port entrances and other places visited by yachtsmen, with 2.20 metres diameter for 200 kilos gross weight, their 1,200 litres capacity allows to collect the waste of about 100 yachts.

The waste bag collection is also simple and economical. One man aboard a light boat can do it without any special skills or training.

Hundreds of OBELL are already in service ...