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Simple actions with dramatic consequences

  • Pollution due to solid waste mainly originates from the general easy-going feeling that has turned the coastline and the sea into a disorderly dumping ground. The remote and sometimes even preserved locations are especially prone to the accumulation of plastic packaging, tins, glass and PET bottles, and a large collection of undesirable waste.
  • It is unfortunate, but the lack of good citizenship regarding the waste often found on land is even worse at sea. During the high season in France, more than 4 million yachtsmen need to dispose of their rubbish on a daily basis. Every year, the air patrols flying along the coastlines report rapidly increasing volumes of waste but are helpless and can only notice this unacceptable situation. Specifically during summer, drifts of waste will be floating in the open seas and at the mercy of the currents. Numerous creeks, bays and even harbour zones display the sad scene of piles of varied garbage (most of all plastic bags) mainly as a result of yachting.
  • This waste, when not laid along the coastline by the current, floats on the surface being progressively covered by weed until it eventually sinks. Below the surface, sea animals often confuse these greenish masses with food and eat them. Then they die of suffocation or intestinal obstruction. Thousand of sea-turtles, dolphins, sharks and other fishes are victims of this outrageous situation every year.

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